Monthly Report for October 2012 at a Glance

From the President’s Desk:

 Monthly Report for October  2012 at a Glance

During 2001, our Home was  founded  by Mr A. Thangaraj, Retd  I.G. of Police, Malaysia, and Mr A.V. Mathias, Best Teacher-National Awardee  and a small band of committed seniors of Vallioor area.  It is administered by a 17 member Executive Committee.   Now  a new team as shown above is in charge of the Home administration.

As on lst Oct 2012, there are 73 aged destitute inmates– 32 male & 41 female, accommodated in 3 spacious halls, 10 independent rooms with all amenities, separate  dormitory and a medical block with a nurse in attendance.

Income for September is 1,49,916/- (one lakh forty nine thousand nine sixteen) and expenditure Rs 1,52,143/- (one lakh fifty two thousand one forty three).  In addition, 31 donors have sponsored special lunch to commemorate the family functions valued at Rs 97,000/-; 12 people have given Rs 17500- as one time contribution; and 5 people have given gifts in kind of the value of Rs 6400/-.  6 Vallioor Doctors offer free service when needed to the inmates.  5 daily newspapers and 4 magazines have been sponsored by 6 members regularly.

Please remember that no foreign funds or Govt aid  is  received by us and only our people contribute generously and voluntarily. Some of our executive committee members and other Life members are collecting monthly contributions in their respective areas from 432 donors  to the tune of Rs 1,49,916/-  We are glad to share our joy  and tell you that   51 members have adopted one inmate each by contributing Rs 1000/- every month.  The total monthly  receipt by cash and other sources is

Rs 3,37,241.50 and the expenses Rs 2,47,443/- and the excess has been added to the corpus fund.

Our dynamic and committed   Secretary Mr ID Samuel, dedicated Warden Mrs Rani and 10 staff members have contributed their sweat and labour gladly for the successful administration of our Home and they deserve praise.  We thank them and our beloved members for their continuous cooperation, sponsorship and involvement in the growth of our Home.

With Greetings! Vazhga vazhamudan!!

S. Joseph, Judge/Retd,

President, UVSS Home for the Destitutes.


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